Tidningskungen, a publication subscription service (print and online) ran a Christmas campaign in 2012 to reach more readers and build their brand. The Norwegian firm Mediafy Magazine, which owns Tidningskungen in Norway, Finland and Sweden, did this creating an Advent calendar using our MillionMind ChristmasCalendar.

Their campaign was launched on their Facebook pages in each country where contestants could answer a single clue daily from December 1 to 24. Using the MillionMind ChristmasCalendar product, they could get visitors to return every day to answer each clue while contestants were offered specials made available through the various magazines in the Tidningskungens stable. In all, 4,500 unique visitors played in the campaign.

Produced for: Mediafy Magazine (Tidningskungen)
Period: December 2012
Countries: Sverige, Norge och Finland
Acquisition frequency: 15% *

• Of all unique contestants, 15% were recruited through challenges to the contest