Nationalencyklopedin (NE) is Sweden’s traditional encyclopedia publisher with over SEK 100 million in sales. They came to us in 2009 looking for a way to spice their new online offering based on their core business with a new kind of quiz to drive traffic to and strengthen their brand. Using MillionMind’s technical platform and our long experience producing online quiz, we could deliver a globally unique quiz contest engine that was filled with NE’s fantastic clues, of which they produced over 7,000 in six categories and three levels of difficulties.

The Contest, called Kunskapsjakten (roughly, Knowledge Hunt), had a wealth of variation exceeding anything done before – based on our six types of clues including sorting answers in order, click an image, click a map, sound clip clues, and other multimedia clues. To drive traffic to the website, we could link every answer to their entry in the encyclopedia. This led contestants directly to the site’s core function (where interested contestants could learn more). Kunskapsjakten quickly became a huge success, with over 1,000,000 games played the first year!



Kunskapsjakten (roughly the Knowledge Hunt) is Sweden’s largest general knowledge quiz contest ever! This lets the entire nation test their knowledge in the big hunt for learning in a wide range of subjects.

Kunskapsjakten was used by NE (Nationalencyklopedin (NE) is Sweden’s traditional encyclopedia publisher with over SEK 100 million in sales) to spice their online offering. Their objective was to build their online brand and to attract more traffic to the free online version of their well-known encyclopedia set. Putting all the knowledge collected in their entries and articles into a challenging contest like this was a new, exciting, and bold way to spread awareness of their offering to a wider audience.

Produced for: Nationalencyklopedin AB
Launched: September 2009
Total contests played: Over 1,000,000 the first year (2010)