Expressen, Sweden’s no. 2 evening newspaper (print and online), held their first quiz contest using our platform in the summer of 2009 in a collaboration that included our customer NE. The contest was marketed online and in print, with banners on the home page and print ads —including six full page editorial and advertising layouts.

NE customized the look and feel of the interface providing design and content. MillionMind provided our unique software platform. The campaign lasted five weeks with four weekly finals and one grand final, which the newpaper described as “more than just a sucess” (23 July 2009). Sponsored prizes totaling over SEK 100,000 were awarded and over 35,000 registered contestants (e-mail and other details) played 180,000 rounds. NE added 100,000 new visitors to their online brand.


Winners were announced in the newspaper (print and online) as ‘Sweden’s smartest Doctor’, ‘Tennis enthusiast’ and such since details about profession and hobby, etc., were part of registration. The newspaper and NE both gained significant traffic and NE received welcome exposure for their online offering and other products.

Produced for: Nationalencyklopedin and Expressen
Period: June 2009
Total rounds played: over 180,000