Content Marketing in practice

Consumers long ago closed off the world of standard marketing. They change TV channels for commercials, they ignore ads in newspapers, and they have become skilled web surfers so the can take in the information they want without seeing or clicking the many ads.

Smart marketers understand that stereotypical marketing is becoming steadily less effective and there just has to be a better way.


”Content marketing’s purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behavior. It is an ongoing process that is best integrated into your overall marketing strategy, and it focuses on owning media, not renting it.”

The purpose of content marketing is to communicate with your customers and prospects without selling to them. It is an uninterrupted marketing experience. Instead of demonstrating your products or services, you deliver information that makes your buyer smarter. The core of this strategy is the understanding that if, as a company, you deliver consistent, continuous, and valuable information to your buyers, you will be rewarded in the end with their loyalty.


The MillionMind strategy is to communicate through quiz contests. This enables us to attract website visitors to learn about your products and services in a fun, informative interaction where communication never feels aggressive or becomes a ‘sales pitch’. We invite your visitors to look at your organisation or message in a new and exciting way.


• Engaging. You can communicate with questions that engage you visitors – people always want to answer correctly to show what they know.

• Informative. Putting your information in the clues so you communicate with the market in an easy-going fun way.

• Virality. Take advantage of visitors’ own drive to tell their friends and challenge them to do better?

• Advertise smart. Add sponsored clues to expose a product and get visitors to answer a question about the brand. This is a natural and fun way to inform your visitors rather than forcing your message on them with, say, a blinking banner.

• Statistics and Leads. Learn about your users. Collect statistics and analyse the results. What do your visitors know about your products? Which clues were difficult? What can you clarify? Collect e-mail addresses and Likes.

MillionMind has a globally unique software platform for online quiz contests and we’ve put all these attributes into our many new products. It is a web based Quiz player, which our customers can easily and simply fill with their own questions clues, media clips, images, and links to create a professional result.

qw_collageThe advantage with this is getting website visitors to stay and engage themselves in the site. They learn at the same time they are having a pleasant experience while participating in the contest. Communication is easy going and information isn’t pushed as with typical banners. Visitors are more loyal when they’ve had a positive impression of your company, and they stay longer on your website, more willing to relate this for their friend. A campaign with Quiz Widget is perfect as editorial material, which naturally increases your exposure dramatically.