Why Quiz



The quiz contest format has many advantages! It is:



1. Informative

You can include your own commercial message or information in any of the clue types. You communicate with the market while they are having fun.

The variety of clue types available in our MillionMind products includes click an image, place a marker on map, sort objects (words or images), watch a video, and more.



2. Engaging

You can communicate with you audience using the quiz clues, and engage them in your concept – people always want to answer correctly to show what they know.

The variety of clue types MillionMind provides enables producing quiz contests that are more interesting and that audiences find more challenging and enjoyable. We also enable greater flexibility in how you communicate important information. Quizzes are more enjoyable when every answer wins points, and runs on time. Contestants need to focus on the message to win points and get to the top.


3. Viral marketing

Take advantage of visitors’own drive to tell their friends and challenge them to beat their results.

An important strategy for MillionMind is attracting contestants with a fun, entertaining experience. Visitors can appreciate and accept the content of the quiz, and they are more likely to share this experience with others. Our products have several built-in features that help encourage commitment from participants and challenges via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. And, we give participants a carrot (like extra points) for every time they send a challenge, guaranteeing maximum virality.


4. Advertise smart

Add sponsored clues to expose a product or organisationand get contestants to answer a question about the brand. This is a natural and fun way to inform yout website visitors rather than forcing your message on them with, say, a blinking banner.

We offer great opportunities to plant sponsored clues in our quiz products, with logos added to show it is commercial. Our customers can also choose to include these questions in the score or not. They can brand the entire quiz inside an ad for your product or company, so the quiz is one big advertisement.


5. Statistics and Leads

Our quiz products help our customers learn about their visitors. Use special features built into our products to gather statistics and analyse the results. What do your visitors know about your products? Which clues or questions did they answer? What do you need to clarify? Collect e-mail addresses and Facebook Likes.

We offer detailed statistics collected from clues and from your visitors. We can produce clear graphics for these statistics that enable close analysis. Then you can export all quiz participants to an Excel file showing name, city, address and e-mail address. You can also add other data when needed.


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