This is how it works


Step-by-step guide for the entire process

Our goal is for our MillionMind products to be intuitive and easy to use. That’s why we most often deliver a complete package – so our customers are always satisfied. Here’s a short description of the production cycle using any of our products.


1. First contact

We initiate this contact to identify for you what our offering includes and how it can be useful to you.


2. Meet and contract

At this meeting you tell us what you want and need. We can then identify a preliminary plan for a campaign. We can even demonstrate the products that suit your needs and how we customize them. Then we only have to sign the contract!


3. Deliver the material

Now the work in creating the campaign can really start. You send the material you want to us – clues, questions, images, links and text. When we get these, we start creating the campaign as agreed.


4. Production and support

As soon as we deliver the campaign and you approve it all, we can publish it to your schedule. We run the platform and monitor its function. Our support responds to any issue the participants bring up.


5. Statistics and feedback

When the campaign ends as scheduled, the winner or winners are announced based on the statistics we’ve gathered in our back office. We can provide you with clear graphics of daily activity in the contest– including unique contestants, total challenges, and other related activities. We also hand over the many leads the campaign generates, primarily names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and more.

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