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We build commitment for our customers –We build loyalty and drive traffic to their website, and we create real impact.

The MillionMind strategy is to communicate through quiz contests. This enables us to attract website visitors to learn about your products and services in a fun, informative interaction where communication never feels aggressive or becomes a ‘sales pitch’. We invite your visitors to look at your organistionor message in a new and exciting way.

MillionMind are the Internet marketing specialists. We use our years of experience and know-how in behavioural science, marketing, gaming, programming, and more. We have access to leading edge IT providers and work with a world-class modular technology platform. We build commitment, drive traffic, create real impact, and build loyalty.


MillionMind helps you to:

• Build commitment on your website
• Drive traffic to your website
• Increase the impact of your campaigns
• Build customer loyalty
• Collect leads and Likes
• Recruit new members
• Content Marketing
• Advertise smarter
• Infotainment – teach, but make it fun!

Why quiz?

Campaigns and contests

Create fun and informative campaigns and contests for Facebook, your website, or blog. Do it smart, fast, and low cost with MillionMind.


We have long, productive experience creating successful campaigns for our customers. The smart way to attractinterest from your visitors and target audience is with a contest offering prizes to the winners– which we can produce with our entertaining concept using clever, attractive clues that also inform. With our range of clue types, you can easily make clues that are both informative and fun.

MillionMind has always focused on giving contestants a pleasant experience, which is why we’ve put so much energy into making our interface look good and clean in style. We’ve added points and timing to heighten the sense of competitiveness. We’ve integrerated social functions like challenges on Facebook and Twitter, to activate all contestants. We offer seven different types of clues that enable a wide variety of questions and clues. We can even link clues and answers to video on YouTube!

Customer cases

viralspridningViral marketing – the key to a successful campaign

We all know that people like to relate fun stories to friends and each other. We also know that the likelihood a visitor to your website will share content increases if it is entertaining and interesting. An even stronger drive is people like to show others how good they are, and find out how they compare, who’s best at quiz? That’s why we’ve builtina system that rewards contestants for challenging their friends. Our customers can therefore choose between rewarding challenges with a bonus game or bonus points for each invite to a friend.

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Customer quote

kilroy_logo””We ran a Valentine’s Day contest with MillionMind on Facebook from 1 February to the 14th. This contest form was just right since we could inform our contestants about a specific subject while they could have fun, especially since they could improve their score by playing more often. Using this contest, we got a huge number of new Facebookfans, e-mailaddresses, and we marketed one of our chosen destinations,” noted Sara Pontander, Marketing Coordinator at KILROY.

Customized solutions

www.millionmind.comAre you thinking about using a quiz on your website for an event or product introduction? If you’re considering spending on a custom solution, think again. MillionMind can provide whatever you need! Our technical platform is unique and offers the ultimate quiz contest experience, as we haven’t cut any corners!

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