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Here’s how you create fun, teaching online training and tests

Whether you’re running internal training for the certification of you product, creating an online test for your students, are building an educational website, MillionMind will be an intelligent addition. 

Online Training and testing

Technical developments offer many exciting possibilities along with many challenges in various kinds of training or educational situations. The big advantage with online learning is the valuable savings in time and money. Another important advantage is enabling gamification, which helps raise the stakes, create greater interest and encourage greater concentration.

certCertify your customers online using the MillionMind Academy Quiz

MillionMind has developed a totally unique product that enables online certification in an effective, efficient, and entertaining way. With Ad agency Bästa Kompisar in Malmö, we created a total solution of automated online certification that streamlines the entire process for many kinds of certification.

Demo: AcademyQuiz

Quiz has shown itself to be highly popular with today’s youth and can be spread quickly in social media or thru Smart Phones. That’s why it’s easy to understand why the educational sector is looking for new approaches to this proven way to test a person’s knowledge.

academyQuiz_iconAdvantages with AcademyQuiz

• Automated processes saving you cost, and your valuable time
• Entertaining and effective tool for online certification
• Interactive, educational method to increase focus
• Complete statistical base that enables analysis and feedback?

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Here are a few uses for AcademyQuiz

bockProduct certification

Effective, intelligent online certification that saves time and money.

bockInternal training and continuing education

Create interesting brain teasers about your operations and have your employees test their know-how and understanding. Isn’t it great for them to have fun while learning?

bockTest what they know

An entertaining, educational way to increase participation and effectiveness when the test tool grades and corrects everyone automatically. Save valuable time for your staff to engage in group activities instead.

bockStudy questions

The quiz format helps make learning fun and interesting. Help those who need a little extra help to concentrate. Quizzes create greater interest and focus.

bockWide variety of testing – online

Simple and entertaining testing in many different contexts. What do your customers know about your products or services? Or perhaps a news quiz every Friday – to keep everyone up to date?

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