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Success factor – a living intranet

Are you looking to increase activity on your intranet or web? Do you want to liven up company statistics and information? How can you make your employers more committed and better informed – at the same time?

Create loyal and selling associates thru your intranet

Loyal, well informed personnel are your best ambassadors to the world. We all are often reminded how important it is to update our website, and to be active on Facebook and Twitter, but your intranet is at least equally important in living up to your employees expectations. Going viral both internally and externally helps you build your brands.

IntranetQuiz – Inform and educate your employees in an entertaining way

MillionMind has created a separate product specially designed as a new and living way to inform and educate employees and visitors. Besides creating greater involvement, and activating the informational process, IntranetQuiz effectively increases the viral spread of this information.

Entertain to Inform. IntraQuiz will lift fact-heavy and slow websites by adding entertaining and interactive content you can use to inform your visitors while they find good reason to stay longer at your web page. You also learn more about the people answering your questions about your products and services, and with complete statistical capabilities, you can collect informed leads or analyse the results.

Blog: Why quiz?

Demo – Give Intranet Quiz a try – see how it works

MillionMind sponsors the Swedish Hunger Project in their campaign to educate and inform Swedish corporations and private donors about their projects working to reduce third world hunger. So our Intranet quiz demo serves two purposes here – highlighting the beneficial work of the Hunger Project and showing you how our quiz can work for you. Remember, you control the questions, images, videos you use in our tool.

IntranetQuiz_iconA few ideas on how to use our IntranetQuiz:

• Change processes
• Training
• Information
• Product launches
• Ethics, morale, CSR
• Contests

Intranet Quiz builds utility:

• Higher participation
• Uniform working methods
• Easy to grade
• Dialog

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Our collaboration with Millionmind means quite a lot to the Hunger Project. For us, spreading our message and informing others is a large part of our daily work. And with the many kinds of quizzes we can create using the Millionmind technology, we can turn this into an interesting, attractive, and even fun experience while making our provoking message.

Sara Wettergren, CEO The Swedish Hunger Project.


assa_thumbBe inspired by how our customers have successfully worked with us in their intranet or info-web. Read more about how ASSA Abloy celebrated it’s 20-year anniversary on their giant intranet for 43,000 employees in 70 different countries. Or how Svenskt Näringsliv lightens up a fact-heavy web with a knowledge test.

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