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Drive traffic, create greater involvement and increase visitor loyalty using Content Marketing

Are you looking for new and intelligent ways to run you campaigns or contests on Facebook or on your own website?
Do you want to improve the frequency that your newsletters are opened using attractive content?
How much do you want to increase traffic and involvement at your website, and keep your visitors loyal?

What is Content Marketing?

Intelligent marketers understand that standard marketing methods are getting less effective, and they know there must be a better way. Content marketing is based on providing objective information, making it easier for your customers to measure their alternatives.

Content marketing is designed to communicate directly with your customers and prospects with the heavy sales pitch. Rather than simply demonstrating your products or services, you provide information that informs your buyers so they feel they can make their own choices – and stay in control of their own decisions.

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Here’s how you can succeed with your campaigns using content marketing

No matter if you want to strengthen your brand; sell your products or services; work on customer loyalty; generate leads; train your staff; or anything similar… No matter if your target audience is customers, prospects or associates … you need to get them involved.

You can do all this using MillionMind, and you can do it very effectively!

Our strategy at MillionMind is to communicate thru quizzes and contests. Our concept is designed to do this in an informative and entertaining way – so your users learn more about your products or services in communication that is not forced, aggressive or a ‘sales pitch’. This helps keep visitors at your site longer and gives them a better impression of your company, and they are more likely to spread the word to their friends and acquaintances.

A campaign using the MillionMind QuizWidet is perfect as editorial material, and provides a natural way to dramatically increase exposure.

• Build commitment online
• Drive traffic to your website, Facebook/Linked In or your blog
• Generate leads, new e-mail addresses or Likes
• Keep your visitors longer and keep them more loyal
• Build a positive image for your company

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Demo – how to create commitment with MillionMind

qw-paketQuizWidget – a perfect tool for content marketing

You can use our Quiz Widget to package what you want to say as questions and answers in an entertaining, inspirational way. Activate recipients and achieve your most important goal – get their commitment. All, while you keep your website visitors longer – giving you that edge over your competitors.

• Create easy campaigns and contests on Facebook, LinkedIn or any website
• Increase interest and opening frequency for your newsletters
• Create more effective marketing activities
• Drive added traffic and increase loyalty of your online visitors.

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bastakompisar_logoWe have been working with MillionMind for many years, creating campaigns and contests for many of our customers, like Hemmakväll, Solresor and Moccamaster. Millionmind has a digital technology that is entirely unique – an interesting, exciting product you can use to create digital happenings and activities on Facebook or elsewhere online. MillionMind is great at helping in every aspect with experienced, and cooperative input.

Ludvig Lindberg, Advertising Agency Bästa Kompisar.


showcase_mello_expressenHere’s some inspiration, see how our customers successfully used us for their Content Marketing. Read about the Expressen Newspaper’s Eurovision Song Contest on Facebook. Read about how The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise activates visitors to the purely informational pages. Or, check out how the web shop Hemmakväll succeeds in attracting and entertaining their followers on Facebook with movie trivia quizzes!

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