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We build commitment for our customers – We build loyalty and drive traffic to their website, and we create impact.

The MillionMind strategy is to communicate through quiz, and quiz contests. This enables us to attract web visitors to learn about your products and services in a fun, informative interaction where communication never feels aggressive or like a ‘sales pitch’. We like to invite your visitors to look at your business in a new and exciting way.

MillionMind are Web marketing specialists. We use our years of experience and know-how in behavioural science, marketing, gaming, programming, and more. We have access to leading edge IT providers and work with a world-clas modular technology platform.

MillionMind helps you with:

• Build commitment on your website
• Drive traffic to your website
• Increase the impact of your campaigns
• Build customer loyalty
• Collect leads and Likes
• Recruit new members
• Content Marketing
• Advertise smarter
• Infotainment – teach, but make it fun!

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Content Marketing

Drive traffic, create greater involvement and increase visitor loyalty using Content Marketing.


Advertising & commercial

Are you tired of spending dear cash flows on banners that have no impact?


Information & intranet

Are you looking to increase activity on your intranet or web? Do you want to liven up company statistics and information?


Tests & online education

When you want to conduct a in-service training, certification of products or tests online.